Why Your Enterprise SEO Services Need to Focus on the Images on Your Site

Image SEO optimization

Take a look at your website. What do you see? Are there images on the homepage but not on all of your service pages and blog posts? Are the images general or specific? Are the titles and alt tags filled out? These are all important questions to answer because the images on your site aren’t there for mere decoration. They play an important role on your on page seo, so you need to make sure your enterprise seo services are taking care of them. Read the rest of this post to find out what your seo agency needs to do with the images on your site. If your images don’t match up to what you see on this post, then make a list of what’s missing, and hand it to your seo agency to get the work done.

Are Your Images SEO Optimized?

Are your images seo optimized? Did your seo company fill in the title, description and alt tag? Not sure? If you have a WordPress site, go into the dashboard and find the post. Click on the image and press edit. You’ll then see if anything at all has been filled in for that image. You should see the keyword in the title, description, and alt, but each should be a unique variation of that keyword. For example, if you want to rank for iced tea, you might put iced tea in the title, sweet iced tea in the alt, and get the best iced tea from us in the description. As you can see, you need to fill this stuff in, but it needs to better than just sticking the keyword in the same way 3 times.

Do your Images Match the Keywords You Want to Rank for?

Are your images general stock photos that you really could put on any website? While those images are easy to find and may make putting a page together a lot easier, they aren’t your best option. The images on your site need to be specific to the keywords that you want to rank for as possible. When a customer comes to your website, the images should match up perfectly to what you want to get. That’s why you need to get your seo agency to put up the very best images possible. Move away from generalities and move toward specifics. This will help your conversions and increase customer engagement. After all, the right image can push them to call you if it relays the idea that you’ll give them what they’re looking for.

Do You Have More Than One SEO Optimized Per Page?

SEO optimized images are part of the ranking equation. One is okay, but more than one is even better. You’re giving the search engines more information about your page. A good formula to follow is 3 images for every 500 words. So, if your page is 1,000 words, then the page needs 6 images. This is just what a good seo service will provide.

Proper Hardwood Flooring Care & Maintenance

Cleaning wood floors is important for keeping your floors looking great and protecting your investment. Finding out the quickest and safest way is vital. Nevertheless, when you create your own personal routine, the most effective method to scrub hardwood flooring will be easy after you learn our secrets below!

Giving your floors a great dusting using a soft material or a microfiber mop is going to be your greatest day-to-day shield against surface damage and scrapes. Static electricity is frequently used by microfiber cleaning pads to trap the dirt particles, along with other household allergens. A sweeper or hardwood vacuum can also be effective too, but using a sweeper just pushes the filth around not picking up the dirt.

Weekly care will take care of the more difficult to reach places a daily dusting can not reach. Wet mops and hoovers are perfect to get dirt from the spaces between each section of hardwood as well as trouble areas like corners. Nevertheless, using mops and vacuums for cleaning wood floors if you want to have an additional level of care. In addition, the ground might be damaged by the wheels on a hoover. When you are utializing a mop, keep in mind that wood and water do not mix! Prevent placing extra liquid in your flooring when cleaning wood floors. Misting your flooring using a hardwood flooring cleanser is going to be sufficient to give it a clean that is superb. A tender touch is among the most effective methods to wash hardwood flooring.

Standard cleaning and dusting keeps hardwood floors looking good. But the life of your flooring can be furthered by protective mats. Use natural rubber carpet underlayments using a waffle design in high traffic places or entrance ways, and use felt floor protectors.

Shining your floor every month or two is an excellent solution to scrub hardwood flooring. Shining refreshes and revives the finish that safeguards your hardwood flooring. Shining your flooring evens out the protective surface of a flooring and fills in microscopic scratches. Shining a hardwood flooring could be carried out using a minimal level of work and isn’t an arduous job.

Things to Avoid. Avoid using vinegar and water, soap-based cleansing agents, steam or wax cleaners when cleaning wood floors. While wax and soap make deposits, the finish of the floor really dulls with time. Steam cleaners place excessive and heat water in your floor, which could cause long-term and cupping damage.

Traffic Concerns. Remember the total utilization of your floors will dictate how frequently you should clean as you appear together with your care routine. High-traffic areas might have to be shone or mopped more frequently, while less-frequented floorings can go somewhat longer between more extreme cleanings.

Choosing the most effective method to wash hardwood floors will require patience and a little time, but using the proper tools and techniques, you will have the ability to maintain your floors looking their finest. Keep in mind the time spent cleaning wood floors in comparison to just how long you will spend loving your floors.